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Mastitis- stop the guessing game with the herd

CHECK-UP now offers two exciting on-farm culture products to help with mastitis in dairy cows, reduce somatic cell count and improve milk quality.

CHECK-UP Mastitis Diagnostic Tool- the new industry standard for clinical cases of mastitis to identify a range of mastitis pathogens and new CHECK-UP Herd Screen for screening large numbers of cows to identify subclinical Staphylococcus aureus, with or without herd testing.

CHECK-UP Herd Screen is an exciting development allowing the screening of large numbers of cows for an affordable price, and adds value by identifying pathogens present for further testing, as well as cows carrying contagious Staph aureus- which is often transmitted by infectious cows without clinical symptoms, and can lead to bulk tank somatic cell count (SCC) elevation without clots on the milk filter or clinical cases. Since Staph aureus is very contagious, it is an important pathogen to identify and mangage or remove from your herd to prevent further infection spread.

CHECK-UP Herd Screen identifies unusual strains of Staph. aureus including those that do not conform to laboratory normal testing such as PCR, Haemolytic patterns, coagulase negative and latex agglutination negative strains.

Since large farms have many cows, we offer a new service via ourselves and our distribution partners to help test your milk. Email us on, or our contact us page for more information.

Almost all bovine mastitis is caused by bacteria, by identifying the organism causing the infection the correct antibiotic choice to treat the infection, if indeed an antibiotic is necessary, can be made.
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FMG Young Farmer of the Year - Athol New.

Farm Medix is delighted to congratulate FMG Young Farmer of the Year winner Athol New on his outstanding achievement!
For those in the know the Farmer of the year competition is very intense and a huge amount of work.
We were honoured to have Athol select CHECK-UP as his Agmardt innovation project. For information on Athol's project including a business case and details of cost savings to farmers see the PDF below. For details on Athol's win see the link and (Photograph courtesy of