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Waikato Laboratory Now Open!

Our laboratory at innovation Park is now open in addition to our Auckland site.

To book testing please complete the contact form below. Our laboratory is the hub for our HERDSCREEN® service. For help with sampling please get in touch on our CONTACT US Page.

(SEPT 2018)

Farm Medix is proud to be selected as finalists in the 
Westpac business awards "Excellence in International Trade Category".

Special thanks to our wonderful team and the team at the Auckland Chamber of Commerce and ATEED.


Apiam new distribution partners in Australia!

Farm Medix is pleased to announce Apiam Animal Health (as of August 2018) as
new distribution partners. Matt Barnes and Luke Morison recently visited us in New Zealand and enjoyed our unusually dry and warm spring weather 
(pictured below).

Apiam Animal Health is comprised of Australia's leading rural veterinary practices. Apiam Animal Health incorporates over 100 highly experienced, industry leading veterinarians with expertise across the pig, dairy, feedlot, poultry, sheep, equine and companion animal sectors. 

Apiam are rolling out Farm Medix products and services in Australia, including our diagnostic CHECK-UP, SNAPSHOT, Herd Screen and Dermashield products. 

Contact Matt Barnes on +61 499022114 or email:

Apiam animal health
                                                   Apiam's Luke Morison (above left) and Matt Barnes (right).

Why you should care, and what should you do about contagious Mastitis? 

Westpac Business Awards WINNERS! Oct 2017

Farm Medix are proud to be WINNERS in the Excellence in Innovation category for Auckland South.

Kudos Hamilton Science Excellence awards Sept 2017:

Farm Medix finalists in 3 Categories with Dermashield and Herd Screen, winners with HERD SCREEN- watch video here!

DERMASHIELD on show at the 19th International Symposium and 11th International Conference Lameness in Ruminants 2017 field day, 6th September, Oberschleisheim, Germany. 

Dermashield imageDermashield is set to make its debut in Europe during an international conference.
Dermashield is the latest product from the Farm Medix stable helping Farmers to solve infections in cow's feet without the use of antibiotics. Dermashield, installed below the cow's dew claw (fetlock) is activated by moisture, which via water creates a downward flow of nano-copper ions around the cow's hoof. Copper is known for it's germicidal properties and is a passive and environmentally sound and responsible alternative to antibiotics and foot baths.

Ideal for long term wear (provided sufficient moisture is present) or at times of intervention, the Dermashield core remains reactive whenever moisture is present, providing a longer contact time and constant ionic presence. IMPORTANT NOTE: if climatic conditions are dry or hot, the use of a water footbath (changed each milking), feet sprayers or hand spray will be required as rapid evaporation will prevent the product being effective. Bands should be inspected at each milking to ensure they are wetted.


Where should I install Dermashield?
Under the dew claw (fetlock of the cow). This may need to be done in a crush or wrangler.
Care must be taken to firmly interlock the velcro to avoid it falling off, and the last few cm of the velcro should be tacked with FLEX Tape or gorilla or super glue contact adhesive.

How long should I leave it on?
If the cow is on pasture it can be left on as long as she needs it. Ensure the band is wetted each day, and if the band is on in summer be sure that it received daily attention (above) with moisture.

If the cow is in a barn it can be left on indefinitely. Should the band not be wetted it cannot work and may be a source of irritation. Please ensure the bands are wetted as frequently as possible. (twice per day), particularly in dry or hot climates.

Can I use treatments/footbaths in combination?
There is no issue using footbaths, or treatments simultaneously with Dermashield, which may be required from time to time.

Dermashield on Wrico Holsteins Farm, Canada video

Dermashield information video

Herd Screen set to hit the road!

Cherie and Nat HERD SCREENHerd Screen is set to be offered as a service throughout the country for whole herds.
Since its inception, Herd Screen has offered farmers the chance to break the back of contagious mastitis problems such as Staph aureus.
Herd Screen tests include on-farm consultation as a follow up. Results for farmers reduce contagious mastitis herd infection pressure, lower SCC and clearly identify infectious and subclinically infected cows. 

Farm Chlor now released.

Who'd have thought water quality could make a difference to your production? Find out with Farm Chlor!
Farm Chlor is now available to tackle the smallest and largest farms.

Farm ChlorThe revisions are great for the user, allowing for fine control of chlorine, longer intervals between top up as well as reduced handling of the chlorine.

Farm Chlor is now available, contact us for information on how Farm Chlor could help your production.

Video on setting up Farm Chlor can be viewed here.

The new Farm Chlor package includes valves suitable for chlorine for by pass and check-valves.

CHECK-UP Offers New Test.

CHECK-UP now offers two exciting on-farm culture products to help with mastitis in dairy cows, reduce somatic cell count and improve milk quality.

CHECK-UP Mastitis Diagnostic Tool- the new industry standard for clinical cases of mastitis to identify a range of mastitis pathogens and new CHECK-UP Herd Screen for screening large numbers of cows to identify subclinical Staphylococcus aureus, with or without herd testing.

CHECK-UP Herd Screen is an exciting development allowing the screening of large numbers of cows for an affordable price, and adds value by identifying pathogens present for further testing, as well as cows carrying contagious Staph aureus- which is often transmitted by infectious cows without clinical symptoms, and can lead to bulk tank somatic cell count (SCC) elevation without clots on the milk filter or clinical cases. Since Staph aureus is very contagious, it is an important pathogen to identify and mangage or remove from your herd to prevent further infection spread.

CHECK-UP Herd Screen identifies unusual strains of Staph. aureus including those that do not conform to laboratory normal testing such as PCR, Haemolytic patterns, coagulase negative and latex agglutination negative strains.

Since large farms have many cows, we offer a new service via ourselves and our distribution partners to help test your milk. Email us on, or our contact us page for more information.

Almost all bovine mastitis is caused by bacteria, by identifying the organism causing the infection the correct antibiotic choice to treat the infection, if indeed an antibiotic is necessary, can be made.
Press Releases:

Athol NewFMG Young Farmer of the Year - Athol New.

Farm Medix is delighted to congratulate FMG Young Farmer of the Year winner Athol New on his outstanding achievement!
For those in the know the Farmer of the year competition is very intense and a huge amount of work.
We were honoured to have Athol select CHECK-UP as his Agmardt innovation project. For information on Athol's project including a business case and details of cost savings to farmers see the PDF below. For details on Athol's win see the link and (Photograph courtesy of