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Farm Medix Philosophy and Current R&D

More milk. Sustainably. Our company's philosophy is just that.

That means looking hard at basic principals, in our case not increasing inputs, but still increasing outputs.

Increasing the productivity and efficiency of the dairy farming sector has benefits directly, not only to the Farmer, but the wider economy as well as the environment.

Tools for farmers such as on-farm culture to determine mastitis pathogens, helps establish causes on mastitis in dairy cows and ability to adopt new strategies to assist with prevention of new infections.

Farm water quality is another area where huge gains for relatively little cost can be made. removal from water exclusion steps including removal of E. coli and other such pathogens are not only useful for improving milk quality, but also for reducing the number of mastitis pathogens during milk harvesting.

Farm Medix Water System Installation
Using our own in-house innovation, we work alongside farmers using proven test methods and sound principles to help make production gains, improve animal health and reduce costs.

Water trough

Current R&D projects include:

Effluent management, Digital dermatitis, Hygiene and Teat Spraying.
Our products make a heavy financial benefit that can be put back into the farm.
We work in with industry stakeholders, such as DairyNZ, Fonterra, Tatua, Q-Conz, Global  Proficiency, and LIC.