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Wesley Cullen, Organic Farmer, Maungaturoto, NZ.“Using CHECK-UP has increased our understanding of mastitis causes and gives us a fast low cost diagnosis of what the pathogen is, if it is contagious and will it respond to treatment. PS: please send another box “

Anthony Collier, Kainui Station, Central Hawkes Bay, NZ. “CHECK-UP has helped us so much with treating and culling etc. our cure rate so far has been outstanding because of being able to treat with the correct drugs, I don’t know how I’ve managed to get through in previous years!”

Richard WestlakeRichard Westlake, Mayflower Farms, Northland, NZ.

SCC is down to 102 achieved by using CHECK-UP before treating cows and culling out cows with a low chance of clearing up”.

David Heaslip, Cavan, Ireland I've been having lots of fun with the check-up since you have been here. I have cut the use of dry cow tubes by around 50% since I've started using it and I've had no problems with them calving in. I also haven't purchased a mastitis tube since then either. I have to say it's working a treat. My vet has also purchased it last week. He is really interested. I hope that check up is doing really well for you. We hope to see you back in Ireland soon. David

Plantation Dairies, Central Hawkes Bay, NZ.

“Plantation Road Dairies is Fonterra's largest single supply milking 2000 cows through one cow shed, we are an irrigated, intensive, modern dairy farm and are located in Central Hawke's Bay. Large herd farming brings new challenges to the table regularly and Farm Medix has assisted us (with CHECK-UP) in what we believe will become a game changer to the Dairy Industry.

Hamish Waugh from Plantation Dairies- CHECK-UP and Herd screen customer
Our Cowshed is full computerised giving us individual Litres, Fat test, Protein test, Lactose test, Somatic cell count (SCC) and cow weight each milking. It gives us the ability to look back at a cows history over a long period of time and according to SCC choose which cows to plate test. With results available within 24 hours on farm we believe this is a very valuable when it comes to drug selection and culling decisions.

The Benefits as we see them are;

1) Quick identification of bugs you are dealing with

2) Ability to make quick decisions on culling cows with bugs that are stubborn to treat

minimising spread of infections.

3) Quick plate test results and a easy to follow book to assist with decisions. Farm Medix are always available as easy as a photo on your cell phone if you are unsure.

4) It allows us to make the correct drug selection first time.”    

Mark Foster, Storm View Holsteins, Waikato, NZ “CHECK-UP has been a very beneficial tool to add to our business, no longer do we find ourselves with cows that don’t cure on the first treatment, because we are able to target the bugs we have identified with the right weapon the first time. Saves us money both at the vet, and in the vat. And added plus is, it is cool playing scientist and identifying the bugs....that bit gets addictive!”

Michael Phillips, Waka Dairies, Dannevirke, NZ
Michael Phillips from Waka Dairies stands in his on-farm culture laboratory.
“A really useful tool to base clear decisions on. This has helped us identify and cull Staph cows- we should have had it years ago. Cell count (SCC) has now improved to below 100,00.”

Dr. David Hawkins, (DVS), Franklin Vet Services, NZ:

“With an interest in mastitis management and adding value to our farm veterinary services, starting an in-clinic microbiology lab had been on my agenda for a number of years.  However I was conscious of the variety of materials needed, the interpretive skill set required to do the job properly and the requirement to share lab responsibilities across a number of people.  While in the early stages of setting up a conventional microbiology lab I came across Natasha and Farm Medix CHECK-UP.  I ordered some kits in and we have just kept using them since.  Natasha and the Farm Medix team have provided fantastic after sales support helping us work through teething problems and gain diagnostic competence in a very short space of time.  Without the need for an extensive inventory of media and secondary tests our lab stays tidy and wastage is minimal. Our milk quality services have enjoyed a lift in profile and the reliable and rapid turnaround is appreciated by local clients.  Farm Medix has made the process of setting up a micro-lab a thoroughly enjoyable one.”