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Who we are.

More milk. Sustainably. Our company's philosophy is just that.

Founded in 2010, our company has undertaken years of Research and Development to develop innovative solutions to common industry problems.

Our founders and Executive Directors are Leon Spurrell and Natasha Maguire. 
Farm Medix maintain operations in New Zealand (Auckland and Hamilton) and Canada (Ontario).

LEON SPURRELL                                  
Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Leon Spurrell is a co-founder of Farm Medix and has over 30 years experience in start-up business development and technology commercialisation, transferring technologies globally.
Self-employed for the last 30 years, Leon has extensive experience in mechanical engineering and environmental science. He has been full time with Farm Medix since its inception (in 2010), is also a co-director and founder of Biofilm Research Laboratories Ltd. (2010) and Director of Farm Medix Canada Inc (2017).
His comprehensive depth of knowledge of issues impacting animal health and production in the dairy sector has been achieved from thousands of on- farm hours, observations and experimentation working directly with farmers to understand their pain points. Leon has looked into farm costs,  inefficiencies and has been extensively innovating and trialing new solutions to meet their needs. 
He has particular knowledge in microbiological contamination across a wide range of fields with a wide base of core technical skills in aerobiology, water purification and contamination, physics, microbiology and biochemistry. Leon is a big picture person, able to draw on information from multi sources and develop innovative out of the box solutions.  He’s personable and a practical problem solver, who is both trusted and well respected in his field. 

Executive Director, Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Natasha Maguire is a co-founder and Director of Farm Medix, a co-founder and director of Biofilm Research Laboratories Ltd, and a Director of Farm Medix Canada. 

Responsible for developing decontamination technologies for containment laboratories in Australasia, for the past 20 years, she has worked extensively in the life science, and bio-containment fields with special interest in infectious disease control. 
Natasha represents New Zealand interests in the AS/NZ ME-060 committee for controlled environments.

Natasha brings to Farm Medix significant experience in life science, diagnostic and microbiological techniques, and practical innovative approaches to infection control. She has a background in Microbiology, Biochemistry and Applied physics and has run an ISO17025 accredited laboratory (Applied Physics) and is an auditing Technical Expert for IANZ and NATA in that field. Being highly adept in research, innovation, new product development and pilot scale operation has meant Farm Medix has brought new offerings to the market that have not existed before. Combining her strong technical and analytical skills has enabled them to surpass competition and provide not only solutions on-farm, but complex scientific based data to empower farmers to manage their operations more efficiently. Being passionate about creating a paradigm shift around how farmers control the major impacts on their milk production and animal health, she is a reliable authority for customers. Strong interpersonal skills, a willingness to get her hands dirty and self-motivation give her a natural leadership position to translate science into meaningful results for their global customer base.

Our Vision
We are recognised as the industry leader in innovative progression for milk quality and performance of dairy production animals. We achieve this by offering disruptive, environmentally responsible and sustainable solutions targeted at well-being of these animals and the integrity of their production.
Our Mission

Increasing the productivity and efficiency of the dairy farming sector has benefits directly, not only to the Farmer, but the wider economy as well as the environment.

Stewardship and judicious use of antibiotics requires a new way of thinking- How can we do this responsibly and manage both milk quality and animal health?
We have developed a set of diagnostic tools for farmers such as SNAPSHOT® Forensic Milk Quality, HERDSCREEN® and CHECK-UP® on-farm culture to identify mastitis pathogens and milk quality weak points helps establish cause of mastitis in dairy cows and ability to adopt new strategies to assist with prevention of new infections.

Lameness caused by infection of opportunistic bacteria in conditions such as foot-rot and digital dermatitis is also an area we have done much work in. DERMASHIELD® is an innovation that allows cows to be fitted with an on-board anti-microbial foot strap. DERMASHIELD® works by inhibiting bacteria from low level emission of copper ions, so uses quantum measures less copper than aqautoxic footbaths, and does away with nasty and carcinogenic chemicals such as formaldehyde.

Farm water quality is another area where huge gains for relatively little cost can be made, removal of E. coli and other pathogens are not only useful for improving milk quality, but also for reducing the number of mastitis pathogens during milk harvesting.

Using our own in-house innovation, we work alongside farmers using proven test methods and sound principles to help make production gains, improve animal health and reduce costs.

Water trough
Dairy hygiene auditing

Water-bourne disease is not only cause of concern for humans!

Current R&D projects include:

  • Short-cuts to finding hygiene problems on farm.
  • Effluent management.
  • Digital dermatitis
  • Hygiene and Teat Spraying
  • Cluster ergonomics.