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Judicious Antibiotics Use… Consider On-farm Culturing

Linda Tikofsky for Progressive Dairy

May 7th, 2022

Judicious Antibiotics Use:
– Start with animal care -> Prioritize cows comfort to keep them healthy.
– Treat the infection, not the inflammation -> SCC measures inflammation, which can last twice as long as the infection resulting in unnecessary antibiotics use.
– Consider On-farm Culturing -> Only 30% of clinical mastitis...

Successful Mastitis Treatment: Know the unknowns

Lowell T. Midla for Progressive Dairy

15 June 2022

“With rare exceptions, researchers report few significant differences between approved intramammary (IMM) antibiotics in achieving bacteriological or clinical cure rates. ”
“Normal milk is not a reliable indicator of effectiveness. ”
“Don’t forget the difference between cow-level and quarter-level somatic cell count (SCC). ”
“Identify the cause of mastitis before...

Calf Health: Antibiotics have serious downsides

Kavishti Kokaram for Progressive Dairy

30 July 2021

As more research is being done on calf health, it is being discovered that common calf management practices that introduce antibiotics during critical development periods might be doing more harm than good.

Some of these practices include feeding waste milk with high levels of antibiotics, using medicated feed additives in...

Mastitis can jump from cow to cow – claim

Rural News

11 February 2021

Mastitis in dairy cows is an infectious condition as a result of pathogens entering the udder through the teat canal.

Depending on the bacteria involved, the infection may be contagious and affect other cows in the herd as a result of transfer from cow to cow by milk contamination during...

Mastitis – Dr Eric Hillerton, New Zealand

m2 magazine

18 October 2020

Dr. Eric Hillerton has been involved in Research around the world with regard to mastitis. This article is interesting and highlights the relevance today of topics of the past in our quest for better milk quality and animal health.

Mastitis: Gloves – Are You Protecting Your Herd?

Dairy Herd Management

October 18, 2019

Do you wear gloves while milking cows? You should! Gloves are a very inexpensive prevention tool for a large cost problem. This preventative tool can help to prevent bacteria and dirt from staying in the cracks, crevices and fingernail beds on your hands. Gloves can easily be disinfected between cows...

Calf mortality: Can it be too low?

Progressive Dairy

16 November 2020

Calf raisers should not look at mortality rates as more important than treatment or morbidity rates. The goal should be to lower treatment rates. This, in turn, should lower mortality rates. If there is too much weight put on a herd’s mortality rate, more calves may be treated too many...

Increased sales of ‘critically important’ antibiotics to farmers


Farmers are buying more of the antibiotics classified as critically important for human health, despite dire warnings about drug resistant superbugs.
Dr Heather Hendrickson says consumers need to understand the seriousness of the threat posed by antibiotic resistance because it could ultimately fall to them to force a change…

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