Brian Karels, Goat Farm

1,000 goats - Conventional Farming

New Zealand

Initial situation

Hygiene grade

Bactoscan “hygiene grade”
Major udder damage observed with Staph and CNS goats

Test Result

Staph aureus & CNS

Corrective Actions Implemented

Segregation, Iodine Teat Spray

Iodine used for some time (with permission)
Ongoing testing for new kidding goats

VET Intervention: Corrective actions from vet after Farm Medix Intervention
“Dry cow” tried on goats (Staph Aureus goats)
Susceptibility test for Staph aureus goats ordered by Vet
Susceptibility established and drug selected

Result: 90% failure rate on dry cow (Staph Aureus goats only)
Some goats still with antibiotic in milk after 6 weeks!


SCC and Bactoscan Compliant

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