Andrew Hardie & Helen Long

430 cows, Pasture - Conventional

New Zealand

Initial situation

350K SSC, 2 years creeping up

Elevated SCC levels and fear of grading.

Test Result

High Sub-clinical Staph aureus

SNAPSHOT™: High presence of sub-clinical Staph aureus mastitis.
HERDSCREEN™: 18% of the herd infected.   

Corrective Actions Implemented

Segregation, No Culling, CM testing

Cows were segregated (Not culled).  OAD for Staph and Penicillin Cows.
Proactive on going testing of clinical cases.
Problem managed- recommendations around SOP’s and milking routines adopted including culturing new cases to remain vigilant.


Immediate SCC stabilisation

Clean herd below 150SCC, Staph cows as a group were tested at approx. 700K.

Stabilisation of SCC to approximately 100 (after 2 years, since many Staph aureus cows were still in the herd), drastic reduction in mastitis cases, control of new Staph aureus infections.


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