Rob Rolston

800 cows, Pasture - Conventional

New Zealand

Initial situation

6 weeks of grading, SCC: 400-500K

6 weeks of SCC infringement:  400-500K. Continued clinical cases every day.
Approx. $80k in costs including $50k treatments over this time period.

No improvements despite expensive and intensive interventions, including: Emergency herd test, machine checks, RMT herd (126 cows treated) after which SCC peaked at next pick up at 705K.

Test Result

Major influence of environmental markers

SNAPSHOT™: High presence of environmental markers.

Corrective Actions Implemented

SOP’s and milking routines

Recommendations around SOP’s and milking routines adopted.


Back to compliance within 3 days

Return to compliance within 3 days with SCC of 323K.
SCC of 248k within one week.

No infringement for SCC rest of season.

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