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A recent study estimated that the cost of subclinical mastitis to the US dairy industry exceeds $1 billion annually.

Any way you slice it, Mastitis is brutal; with major negative impacts on dairy farmers profitability and morale, animal welfare, and the environment.

In the table below are just a few studies on the cost of mastitis in dairy herds around the world. Mastitis cost estimates vary depending on whether all costs are considered, direct and indirect; whether all types of mastitis are considered, clinical and subclinical. Mastitis costs also depend on the specifics of locations or breeds, pathogens involved, and milk market prices.

One thing is clear, it is ruinous for all stakeholders and current mastitis management methods have fallen short of delivering convincing results. Farm Medix and its partners offer unique advanced mastitis management solutions for real mastitis reduction and prevention that have proven to work.

CostUnitCountryClinical Mastitis (CM) Sub-clinical Mastitis (SCM) or Both?Costs consideredMastitis prevalence rate consideredReference ArticlePublishing Journal or MediaAuthor(s)Reference article linkPublished year
EUR 240
per lactating cow per yearThe NetherlandsBothyield loss, discarded milk, culling, labour costs, consumables and investments, vet costs27% for clinical mastitisFailure and preventive costs of mastitis on Dutch dairy farmsJournal of Dairy ScienceFelix J.S.van Soest et al.Read the article2016
EUR 28per cow per yearUSA, MichiganCMLabour costs, consumables, vet costs, yield loss, culling and replacementEconomic effects of bovine mastitis and mastitis management: a review Kaneene and HurdVeterinary Quarterly Volume 29, 2007
- Issue 1
T. Halasa et al.Read the article2011
EUR 31per cow per yearUSA, OhioCMLabour costs, consumables, vet costs, yield loss, culling and deaths0.37Economic effects of bovine mastitis and mastitis management: a review Miller et alVeterinary Quarterly Volume 29, 2007 - Issue 1T. Halasa et al.Read the article2011
EUR 22per cow per yearUSA, CaliforniaCMLabour costs, consumables, vet costs, yield loss, culling and deathsEconomic effects of bovine mastitis and mastitis management: a review
Sischo et al
Veterinary Quarterly Volume 29, 2007 - Issue 1T. Halasa et al.Read the article2011
EUR 102per case per yearUKSCMOut put losses and expenditure for treatment and preventionEconomic effects of bovine mastitis and mastitis management: a review
McIrnerney et al
Veterinary Quarterly Volume 29, 2007 - Issue 1T. Halasa et al.Read the article2011
EUR 279
per case per yearEnglandCMLabour costs, consumables, vet costs, yield, cullingEconomic effects of bovine mastitis and mastitis management: a review
Hillerton et al
Veterinary Quarterly Volume 29, 2007 - Issue 1T. Halasa et al.Read the article2011
USD 100production loss per cow per yearUSABothYield loss, discarded milk, labour, vet costs, consumablesPremiums, Production and Pails of Discarded Milk How Much Money Does Mastitis Cost You?Milk Money Resources, University of Wisconsin, MadisonPamela Ruegg, DVM, MPVM University of Wisconsin, MadisonRead the article2005
EUR 278

EUR 60
per case of clinical mastitis

per case of subclinical mastitis
SwedenBothSCC, yield, feed intake, milk withdrawal, vet costs, labourEconomic consequences of mastitis and withdrawal of milk with high somatic cell count in Swedish dairy herdsThe Animal Consortium 2010Christel Nielsen et al.Read the article2010
EUR 3,190110 cow herd/ year (yield loss and treatment only)SpainCMYield loss
Clinical mastitis in Spanish dairy cows: Incidence and costsSpanish Journal of Agricultural ResearchM. A. Pérez-Cabal et al.
Read the article2008
USD 12,000 to USD 76,000per farm per month (CM at the farm level with 2,578–9,044 lactating cows per farm)ChinaCMYield, withdrawal period, treatment expenses, vet costs0.6 - 18.2%Prevalence, etiology, and economic impact of clinical mastitis on large dairy farms in ChinaVeterinary Microbiology, Volume 242, March 2020, 108570Wenjuan He et al.Read the article2020
USD 444per case per year (average herd size 1.087)USABothLabour, yield loss, discarded milk, treatment and vet expenses, culling, infertilityA Numbers Game: Impact of Mastitis and High SCCZoetis: Dairy WellnessMark KirkpatrickRead the article2018
CAD 662per cow per yearCanadaBothYield, discarded milk, vet expenses, labour costs, culling and deaths, consumables and investments19 % CMHerd-Level Mastitis-Associated Costs on Canadian Dairy FarmsFrontiers in Veterinary Science, 2018 May 14:5:100Mahjoob Aghamohammadi et al.Read the article2018
UK 70 - 250per cow per yearUKBothYield, vet services, consumables30 - 70% CMMastitis Part 1 - The Importance of MastitisNadis Animal Health SkillsRichard Laven PhD BVetMed MRCVSRead the article2021
US 128 - 444

US 110
clinical mastitis per cow per year

subclinical mastitis per cow per year
USBothImprove Milk Quality and Productivity with Effective
Mastitis Prevention and Treatment
Mastitis Management - Boehringer Ingelheim VetmedicaRead the article2021
US 110per cow per yearUSSCMYield, discarded milk, vet expenses, culling and deaths, decreased genetic gain,infertilityWhat is Mastitis Costing You?The Cattle SiteRead the article2020
EUR 16 -26 billionGlobal dairy industry per annum per 271 million cows globallyGlasgowBothPotential biomarkers of mastitis in dairy cattle milk identifiedRetrieved from of Glasgow and the Moredun Research InstituteRead the article2016
UK 170 million

UK 225

UK 12,700
UK dairy industry per year

per cow per year

per herd of 120 cows
UKBothMilk yield, treatment cost, vet expenses, labour culling0.47Dairy farming: the cost of mastitis and the importance of controlRetreived from Cattle Health and Welfare (reference)Read the article2020
AU 277per cow per caseAUCMMilk yield, discarded milk, treament and vet expenses, mortality and cullingManaging Clinical MastitisDairy AustraliaRead the article2020
NZ 180 millionNZ dairy industry per year, or $14,000 a farmer.NZCMMilk yield, labour, vet and treatment expensesBig savings for farmers by conquering mastitisNZ HeraldBy: Stephen Ward et al.Read the article2006
NZ 180 millionNZ dairy industry per yearNZCMAutomated Mastitis DetectionDairy NZRead the article2021
NZ 180 millionNZ dairy industry per year, or 11,500 for an average herd of 315 cowsNZCMTreatment, yield, discarded milk, labour, culling, SCCWhat does mastitis cost? Dairy Isight: Fact Sheet 3: Helping farmers produce better quality milkRichard M Tiddy Consulting Veterinarian2006
INR 1390per cow per year (187 cows over 3 seasons from 28 farms)Central IndiaSCMmilk yield, price per litre, discarded milk, vet and treatment costs, labour, prevention, consumables, investmentsSubclinical Mastitis in Dairy Animals: Incidence, Economics, and Predisposing FactorsScientific World Journal. 2014; 2014: 523984.
Mukesh Kr. Sinha, N. N. Thombare, Biswajit MondalRead the article2014
INR 2.37 thousand crore

INR 6,053 crore

INH 4,365 crore

Both CM and SM:

IndiaBothYield, culling, fertility, treatment and vet expensesSCM 15 - 40 times more prevalent than CMA Review on Sub Clinical Mastitis in Dairy CattleInternational Journal of Pure & Applied ScienceTripti Kumari et al.Read the article2018

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