Traditional Footbaths are Expensive, Ineffective, Labor Intensive, & Toxic


24/7 footbath

Leg Band Lameness Solution

24/7 Action

Put it on & forget it


Copper ions are proven
to inhibit bacterial
and fungal growth


No more expensive footbaths



Successful Dairy Farmers use Farm Medix Diagnostics Solutions

Lameness Band Technology
& Advantages

Technology Principle

Dermashield uses state-of-the-art copper ion slow release technology to provide a targeted action to the needed area via a downward flow of germicidal copper ions, carried by moisture, from the band (installed below the dew claw) to the hoof.

Moisture can be provided by dew or rain for pasture cows, incidental water contact in the milking shed, or urine or sprinkler water in the barn.

A High-Technology partner

This patented technology was developed in collaboration with our partner Integran, the world leader in structural and functional electroformed and electro-clad technologies. Integran’s materials technologies enable new products like Dermashield, weight savings, cost competitiveness and reduced environmental footprints.

Only Advantages



  • Copper ions are proven to inhibit bacterial and fungal growth.


  • The leg bands, if worn full time have a useable life of approximately 1 lactation, so are incredibly economical to use.

Simple to implement

  • Forget the chore of footbaths.

Environmentally friendly

  • Dermashield is like a 24/7 footbath, but without the waste! The amount of copper used per band is approximately a tiny 7mg per day.

Superior to legacy solutions

Alternatives are ineffective, bad for the environment, and harmful


  • Footbaths used as a walk though rapidly become contaminated. Animals are in contact with the solution for only seconds.


  • In addition to their high consumable and direct labor costs, current footbaths solutions do not improve lameness, which cost US farmers $302* per lame cow per year. * Guard, 1997


  • Copper sulphate is ecotoxic, and quantities used in footbaths mean that excess copper is spread with effluent onto pasture or soil, causing environmental hazards.
  • Banned in the EU for foot bathing since December 2015.
  • Not recommended to be added to land above 50ppm Copper in the USA.


  • Formaldehyde (or formalin) is commonly used in embalming fluid, and is banned for use in many countries, or has strict limits for safety and vapour levels. Formalin is carcinogenic and a risk to animals and people.


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