Farm Medix & GEA’ FIL Enter Exclusive Partnership

December 17th, 2021

Hamilton, New-Zealand

Farm Medix is thrilled to announce it has entered an exclusive, global partnership agreement with FIL, a wholly owned subsidiary of GEA New Zealand, to distribute and support our mastitis management solutions.

This agreement is a logical step in strengthening a partnership that started five years ago. Tight collaboration and effort from both companies have led to the development of a unique set of mastitis management solutions – with the aim to help all dairy farmers achieve their animal welfare and profitability goals.

FIL’s role will be to facilitate access to Farm Medix’s award-winning mastitis management solutions and provide boots-on-the-ground support to dairy farmers. FIL’s team is composed of highly experienced individuals who have completed a rigorous Farm Medix training program and gained a certificate of accreditation. Foucauld Thery, CEO of Farm Medix says

Foucauld Thery, CEO of Farm Medix says “Our vision to empower dairy farmers aligns perfectly with FIL’s focus on understanding farmers and their individual challenges.

“With average farm costs of $78,000 per year, mastitis plagues dairy farming and farmers deserve solutions that deliver meaningful results. Our integrative and holistic approach has helped hundreds of customers with major somatic cell count (SCC) levels. While lowering their antibiotic usage (up to 70%) costs and environmental impact. Many have become eligible for reward programs in place with milk purchasers – for excellence in milk quality and for hitting targets associated with the environment.

“Our partnership with FIL and investment in proprietary technologies will allow us to maintain a heavy focus on mastitis management, while bringing dairy farmers tangible value at the core of their operations.”

Colin May, FIL’s Hygiene Sales Support says “We are excited to be cementing an exclusive agreement with Farm Medix. Our close relationship with Farm Medix over the past five years has increased the knowledge and skillset of our in-field team immensely, especially when it comes to identifying and preventing mastitis-causing pathogens. Through extensive testing, we have learnt that some teat spray actives are particularly effective against certain mastitis pathogens and can be very effective in challenging environmental conditions. In my 30-plus years in the dairy industry, this information has powered the greatest leap towards helping farmers reduce and prevent mastitis.”

“We are also incredibly grateful to our customers for their business and believing in the change we propose. We are excited by this new chapter in our development and are looking forward to helping more dairy farmers achieve their goals.” concludes Foucauld.

Natasha Maguire, Chief Science Officer

Foucauld Thery, CEO

Farm Medix Chief Scientific Officer, Natasha Maguire & FIL Area Manager, Shayla_McGrory collecting milk samples.
Colin May (right) discussing key takeaways with farmers at an FIL & Farm Medix joint training session.
Farm Medix’ lab team plating Herdscreen tests.