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Farm Medix are giving away a FREE Staph. aureus detection test AND a free personalised follow-up call with a Farm Medix Staph. aureus specialist to the first 50 farmers to sign up!* Our team of scientists will test your bulk tank milk and run it through the unique Farm Medix process to tell you whether Staph. aureus is present in your herd. Once we have your test results back, one of our specialists will then give you a call to discuss the results and recommend the next best steps!

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To test your bulk tank milk, we need a few more details and your consent for MilkTestNZ to release samples from your farm(s) to Farm Medix*.

*If your supplier is not yet part of the program, one of our partners will reach out to you to organise milk sampling at your farm.

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hereby request release of samples from the above farm(s) for further testing (bacteriology) to Farm Medix Ltd, of Waikato Innovation Park, Melody Lane, Hamilton.
Tel: 07 958 9978

By signing this request, I confirm my details match those held by the Dairy Company I supply to, and that I hold authority to request testing on this (these) farm(s).

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