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Whole Herd Cow Level Testing

Staph Infection Control

Unparalleled Staph aureus Detection

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Whole Herd Cow Level Mastitis Testing
Staph Infection Control
Unparalleled Staph aureus Detection
  • Herdscreen has high sensitivity to Staph aureus & CNS
  • It is also a broad mastitis pathogen detection system.
A Rewarding Effort
  • We know that sampling your herd can be stressful.
  • Farm Medix guides you along the way to make sure your Herdscreen is succcessful.
  • We’ll put you in touch with our partners if you need a hand.
Unprecedented Results
  • Strategic decision making tool.

Should I mate her? Should I segregate her? Should I cull her? Should I dry her off early? Should I dry-cow her? Should I further investigate her?


  • HERDSCREEN® is a fast and economical way to screen cows for subclinical mastitis- especially where Staph aureus is an issue.
Herdscreen Process
Limited Effort,
to Regain Control
Order & Schedule
  • Contact our team by phone, email, text or chat, using our contact form.
  • Schedule the Herdscreen intervention.
Herd Sampling
  • Collect samples yourself or with the help of one of our partners.
Farm Medix Analysis
  • We analyse your samples in our lab.
  • Within 48 hours or less, you get our report and a phone consulting session with one of our experts.
Herdscreen Report
  • Identified pathogens
  • Recommendation for each cow
  • Herd statistics
  • We discuss your animals results and next steps.
  • Now, in accordance with your Veterinary Protocol, you can make strategic decisions for your herd on an animal level basis.

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