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I have a very peculiar story. After 22 years as a veterinarian in mixed and dairy practice in Australia I moved into a very niche specialty. Camel Medicine.
For the last 5 years I have focused solely on servicing the emerging industry of Camel Milk production.

As you can imagine, this is a new field, and my job is all about developing techniques and problem solving. Milking a camel is not easy and maintaining herd health, disease control and quality control is my primary focus.

Whilst the dairy animal is different, the mastitis management and mastitis pathogens are still the same as a “normal “bovine dairy. I needed a cost effective, rapid detection kit for contagious and environmental mastitis to manage the herd. Having something on farm saved me time which is critical in identifying a potential mastitis problem.

I use the Herdscreen first and then the Check up for other cases every single week. It is Critical to my mastitis control as the early SCC detections are unreliable with camel milk.

Working with the Farm Medix team has saved thousands of dollars in wasted milk from incorrectly treated cows. Yes, they are still called Cows.

I have trained all the staff to use the plates and the materials provided are easily stored on farm. The customer support from the team is impressive. I am able to ask questions and advice and always feel as though they are wanting the best for me out of their products.

Early detection of pathogens allows the dairy to keep functioning at capacity as sick animals are correctly diagnosed, treated and quarantined as soon as possible.

Our industry is still new, but I feel totally supported and confident moving forward with the Farm Medix kits.

Dr Margie Bale BVSc MRCVS

Dairy Veterinarian



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