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Dr. David Hawkins, Franklin Vet Services

“With an interest in mastitis management and adding value to our farm veterinary services, starting an in-clinic microbiology lab had been on my agenda for a number of years. However, I was conscious of the variety of materials needed, the interpretive skill set required to do the job properly and the requirement to share lab responsibilities across a number of people. While in the early stages of setting up a conventional microbiology lab I came across Natasha and Farm Medix CHECK-UP. I ordered some kits in and we have just kept using them since. Natasha and the Farm Medix team have provided fantastic after sales support helping us work through teething problems and gain diagnostic competence in a very short space of time. Without the need for an extensive inventory of media and secondary tests our lab stays tidy and wastage is minimal. Our milk quality services have enjoyed a lift in profile and the reliable and rapid turnaround is appreciated by local clients. Farm Medix has made the process of setting up a micro-lab a thoroughly enjoyable one.”

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