Mastitis Reduction Article: Snapshot & Milking and Cleaning Tips

Mastitis Reduction Article: Snapshot & Milking and Cleaning Tips

“We thought we practised good hygiene and herd management,” says Jess. “The sudden increase in clinical mastitis, with no response to treatment, was a big concern.

“On contacting Mike at FIL, he suggested we do a bulk milk sample test immediately. This was to give us a clear overview of what pathogens we were dealing with, and some strategic advice so we could act accordingly.”

A test developed by Farm Medix was delivered on farm by GEA’s FIL team. Snapshot bulk tank test helps determine exactly what bacteria are present in the milk and whether they are coming from the cows or are hygiene-related.

The results showed mainly Coagulase-negative Staphylococci (CNS) was present, with some Strep uberis (Strep) and Staph aureus.

“The results were a relief, because CNS is hygiene-related and relatively easy to fix,” says Jess. Further testing with the Farm Medix Check-Up mastitis diagnostic tool revealed one cow with Staph aureus. She was segregated, while those with Strep were successfully treated.

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