Water Treatment Solutions

For Safer, Better-quality,

Compliant Water

Effective Chlorination

Kill harmful bacteria & improve water safety

With chlorinated water, your animals drink safer and cleaner water. 

Treat your water

Our calcium hypochlorite slowly releases to treat your troughs and water tanks. Use our calcium hypochlorite rods for your Chlorinator system.

Farm Chlor

Total Chlorination

Comprehensive solution for your farm

By chlorinating water, your plant uses clean water that stays clean
(as opposed to ozone or UV).

Scale your water treatment

Our chlorination system easily integrates to your water supply system and provides safer water everywhere on your farm.



Remove Sediments & Harmful Minerals

Your animals deserve the best water quality.
See their water intake increase, watch their productivity rise.

Custom Solutions

We design a system tailored to your specific water challenges.

Water Purifier

Successful Dairy Farmers use Farm Medix Diagnostics Solutions

Farm Chlor Chlorinator
High-Strength Chlorine Delivery System
Safer, compliant water for your animals & farm
The Chlorinator advantage

Only one system to treat all your water

Farm Chlor Chlorinator is installed on your main water line prior to tanks and lines after your pump, meaning only one system is required to treat the entire farm. Water passes through the system where it is treated with the pre-set amount of chlorine.

High efficacy

Contact time is longer compared with on-demand systems.

Easy to operate

The simple adjuster dial ensures you are in control of the required level of chlorine treating the water. Provides reliable and adjustable dosing with simple monitoring using test strips at point of use. Water test strips included for initial installation.

Simple to install and maintain

No tools required for routine operation. With Farm Medix’s exchange program, we keep downtime and maintenance work to a minimum.

Low running and capital cost

No electricity required to run. Affordable treatment of water for small or large farms.

Built to last

The Chlorinator is an industrial grade product that is designed for heavy duty applications, featuring high performance polymers developed for highly corrosive environments.

Farm Chlor Chlorinator Rods
High Strength Chlorine
Economical for your farm
  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria, viruses and algae in your farm (drinking water as well as all plant water)
  • High-strength chlorine rods for use in the Farm Chlor Chlorinator to treat farm water contaminated by pathogens.
  • Only solid chlorine product approved by MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries) for milk contact surfaces (DPF15).
  • Approved for use in Farm Medix’s Farm Chlor® Chlorinator.
  • Highly compacted for economical use
  • Easy measure 300g rods
  • Available in a 10kg bucket

Successful Dairy Farmers use Farm Medix Diagnostics Solutions

Farm Chlor Trough Tablets
Great water
Even in the field
  • High-strength chlorine tablets for use in water troughs to treat animal drinking water contaminated by bacterial pathogens.
  • Prevents algae and bacterial growth for up to 4 weeks
  • Only solid chlorine product approved by MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries) for milk contact surfaces (DPF15).
  • Easy dose 7g tablets
  • Available in 10kg bucket.

Successful Dairy Farmers use Farm Medix Diagnostics Solutions

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