We empower dairy farmers

Thanks for dropping in, we’d love the opportunity to tell you more about who we are and what we do.

We help dairy farmers build resilient operations by giving them control. Our services, backed by the most recent science, enables you to improve your animals and farm health, milk quality, and profitability.

  1. Why are we here?
  2. What makes our approach different?
  3. How did we make it happen?
  4. What is our mission?


Why are we here?

The story of dairy farming is one of continuous innovation. But to whose benefit? It is true that high tech equipment capabilities have helped farmers cope with the ever-increasing pressures of meeting higher productivity and milk quality requirements, and that dairy farmers have benefited from more powerful medicines to treat diseases affecting their animals.

Despite those improvements those innovations also encouraged, unwittingly, the adoption of a reactive approach to managing animal health and farms. This approach put farmers “on the back foot”, always running to “put out fires”. Observing that no existing services or technology truly solved the issues dairy farmers were facing, we imagined technologies that would return control back into farmers’ hands. Coming from the highest standards in human health, having worked for decades in microbiology, hospitals & high security containment facilities, we had a few ideas and launched Farm Medix in 2010 and set about to see what we could contribute.

Mastitis Diagnostic

The industry was (and mostly still is) largely regulated for milk quality and food safety. This ensures fair payment and safe food, with an intention to improve the health of the animals contributing to the milk sold. The focus to protect the animals, farmers, and consumers is logical but whilst so many tools existed to find problems, few were available to reliably measure, solve, and prevent them. Little information was available on why problems existed, mainly just that there was a problem. Too many assumptions were, and still are made in that regard.

We often heard broad statements within the industry such as:” In spring, when you have mastitis, it’s Strep uberis, and in summer it is Staph aureus.”. As if nothing could be done and treatment was the only option. It was as it had always been, and nothing would change that. Diagnostic investigation, the cornerstone of any treatment or corrective protocol in human health, was skimmed over for animals- in earnest, diagnostic solutions used to be too impractical and expensive, so assumptions were made based on a handful of tests from a few individual cows. No existing services or technology truly solved the issues dairy farmers were facing. Mastitis remained a massive problem with serious economic impacts for farmers who bear 100% of the cost.

Without practical diagnostic tools, farmers do not have any other choice but to rely on partial information (usually SCC) from frequent herd testing to make their most strategic decisions, often leading to sub-optimal results. This over simplified approach is frustrating for farmers, since the mostly drug-based treatments that are prescribed on that basis do not deliver any consistent results. From our observation and developing international research findings, mastitis management protocols such as blanket Dry Cow Therapy (DCT), and the overall excess use of antibiotics, have not solved problems at all. Farmers are left with unexplained treatment failures, recurring issues, unnecessary heavy culling, and poor returns.


Caring for animals always, Farmers have little choice but to use ineffective and impractical techniques such as footbaths in attempts to be proactive about lameness. Chemicals used to try and control bacterial hoof conditions, mostly formaldehyde and copper sulfate, are often dangerous and ecotoxic.

Water Quality

We also saw many farmers work hard only to have their efforts hampered by issues caused by poor water quality. Whilst most people understand cows need access to water constantly, often the water provided is less than ideal. Since lactating mammals need large volumes of it to produce milk, water is one of the most important ingredients in the productivity equation and is very often completely overlooked.

The common thread was that all approaches were reactive, short-term, and treatment focused- Like swallowing a spider to catch a fly. Instead, we wanted to tackle root causes: resolve any initial challenges but also provide long-term value by helping farmers create and maintain low-issue farm environments.

Was it possible? Yes, by developing effective, practical, and affordable solutions to know more about the specific circumstances faced by farmers; and only then would we be able to truly help.

What makes our approach different?

We deeply care about the value you get. We really do.

It is one thing to identify a problem, it takes skill to fix it! We keep it simple and focus on finding the answers to 3 questions:

  1. What is the issue? (we do not guess; we test and identify)
  2. Why is there an issue? (we uncover the underlying reasons)
  3. How can we help fix it? (we provide solutions and actionable recommendations)

Because farmers care and have invaluable knowledge, we always want them in the team, and we are on their team.
Empowering Farmers with actionable knowledge is our mission.


How did we make it happen?

We listened, worked hard, and brought together only the best.

To achieve our mission, we had to reinvent the gold standard in mastitis management: Culture tests. And make high-tech microbiology solutions accessible to farmers. We observed and listened to farmers. Incorporated everything we learned into our designs and partnered with great companies to develop smart products and services adapted to the needs of modern dairy farmers.

We focused on:

  • Empowering farmers. It is your business and your money.
  • A collaborative approach
  • Support: Great tech support had to be available 7 days a week.
  • Providing customers with actionable results that are:
    • Evidence-based
    • Timely
    • Easy: Straightforward products that are easy to use, but not so straightforward that they miss the point.
  • Cost effective

We use only the best technologies and processes to provide you with the resources you need to resolve issues, improve animal health (reduce mastitis) and milk quality, and build a stronger, more resilient farm.

In the management of mastitis, compare the following:

Model 1 – The traditional model – Hoping for the best

Letting SCC rule your life. High rates of culling, blanket dry cow therapies and little control.

You know it doesn’t sound good already but wait until you read the rest.

  • Passive and reactive approach instead of proactive.
  • Firefighting rather than prevention:  High stress, excessive milk waste, poor results; hoping problems go away but they often emerge again.
  • Treatment driven (antibiotic centered) where little information is used, apart from SCC levels, to make strategic decisions.
  • Solutions that are based on oversimplifications prone to errors and not based on evidence means less-than-ideal outcomes.
  • A mindset where testing is only done for the purpose of drug treatment. I. e which drug to use.
  • Too many costly and disruptive treatments that do not work well. (e.g., Blanket DCT)
  • A generalised approach that does not give much room for personalised recommendations. So, you do not get the best care you deserve.
  • Little support.
  • Lack of engagement from your solutions provider.

Model 2 – The Evidence-based model – Information before intervention

This is where we brag about what we do. Let’s not be shy about what we can do for you.

A value-driven model as we utilize at Farm Medix where we,

  • First want to understand your farm, your issues, and your goals.
  • Are part of your team.
  • Provide transparent evidence-based diagnostics, telling you exactly what we find, what the sources of issues are and how we recommend you take action.
  • Provide expert support 7 days / week so your questions are answered when it matters to you and your animals, not several days later.
  • Are independent from treatment solutions manufacturers.

Using those principles, we have been able to help hundreds of farmers around the world.

So, what is our mission again?

We are passionate about making a positive impact and are very keen on helping you.
Our mission at Farm Medix is simply to Empower Dairy Farmers with Actionable Solutions.

Equal Access to Opportunity

All dairy farmers, regardless of size, conventional or organic, or location, should have access to custom and proven tools to manage their farms and animals; and at the right price.

Antibiotic stewardship

At Farm Medix we take antibiotic stewardship seriously. Though we recognise the benefits antibiotics can bring to mastitis management, they are almost always used reactively as a standalone fix when they should be one piece of a comprehensive mastitis management plan focused on prevention. We are eager to contribute to the safe and sustainable management of that resource to protect treatments efficacy for animals and people when they truly need them. Through preventative mastitis management and, when required, strategic use of antibiotics (selective therapies).

Independent / integrity

Our commitment to our customers is that we always have your best interest at heart.
We partner with the best to bring you outstanding solutions. We always guarantee unbiased recommendations based on facts that we process through the lens of our experience of dairy farms environment.


100% dependable

Our objective is to become a trusted partner that you can always turn to when you need a solution.

100% on your side

Ultimately, you are in charge because it is your business. Nobody cares more than you do. You deserve the best team and solutions to support you. As a result, we have launched and are working on the following products and services:

Diagnostics solutions (our Flagship):

  • Snapshot – Your forensic bulk tank test – a holistic solution to assess your milk quality and subclinical mastitis situation.
  • Check-up – Your own on-farm lab for unsurpassed, comprehensive and speedy results for all your clinical mastitis cases.
  • Herdscreen – Your whole herd cow level testing for your subclinical mastitis and infection control- specifically for farms with Staph aureus issues.

Water solutions:

  • Farm Chlor – Dry Calcium Hypochlorite for economy and compliance to treat all water sources.
  • Chlorinator – Your calcium hypochlorite treatment plant.
  • Purification – Your custom water purification system.


  • Dermashield – Your 24/7 footbath powered by an Integran nanocrystal copper band.

In summary

Hopefully, you now know us a little better.
If you want to improve your milk quality, animal health and bottom line with proven technologies designed and delivered by a passionate team of dedicated professionals who want to help you, we would love to hear from you.